Cloud Phone Systems: How Do They Work, and What Are the Benefits?

New types of advances in telephone networks have given businesses many abilities to improve how they use telecommunications services. So how do cloud phone system options help? Well, these innovative systems can really change how businesses spin up elaborate multi-line systems for a central office or a remote network of employees.

Simply put, landlines are obsolete. But the cloud takes the early idea of cellular telephone services one step further. With cloud phones and VoIP, there’s no need for the new and dense cell tower network systems blanketing a coverage area. Instead, the web becomes a “one-stop-shop” for both data and voice communications.

 Set up correctly by the right managed IT service provider, cloud phones have the potential to completely change the game for companies whose employees are utilizing a hybrid work environment. Here we’ll talk about the specifics of cloud phone systems, as well as some of the many benefits they offer businesses.


What Is A Cloud Phone System?

Cloud phone systems are new electronic and digital phone systems that work through the provision of cloud services. One simple way to think about cloud phone services is that the audible two-way communication is delivered through data, and not through traditional voice networks.

Previously, the systems operated through traditional fiberoptic telephone lines. New cloud phone systems and similar types of voice-over-internet protocol, or VoIP, systems run through the internet instead. The same types of packet switching technologies used to move signals between a web-surfer and a client/server are used to allow two people to talk to each other over the internet.

In general terms, cloud phone systems are part of a much larger trend and context, where the idea of cloud or “software as a service” replaces traditional ways of delivering software and functionality. By porting a diverse set of services over the internet, makers are using already established infrastructure in a new way, making “the cloud” catching on so broadly across the business world.

Along with ideas like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and IoT (the Internet of Things), the cloud, and by proxy, cloud phone systems, have been a common innovation in 21st-century business.

Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems

Cloud phone systems also have some important benefits over traditional telecommunication technologies.

First, there is the infrastructure. There is no outside infrastructure needed because everything runs over the internet. The internet as a global network is already built to handle all kinds of message trajectories in an agile way.

By using this pre-established network for voice, you’re taking out a lot of requirements in terms of software and hardware maintenance. There’s no need to build a multi-line system with cable, or wire a bunch of equipment. Businesses can just “plugin and talk.”

Other benefits include quick service with modern broadband connections. There is not much latency in cloud telephone systems, as long as you have a good connection to the internet. Users can install “softphones” (phones consisting of only software, with no hardware) right on their computers and do away with the need for traditional handsets. 

Clients can also get extra features on cloud phone systems that work well for a business. Whether it’s call forwarding, multiple voicemails or any other type of versatile feature, cloud phone systems deliver.

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Cloud phones can completely change the game for companies utilizing a hybrid work environment.

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