Commercial Construction IT Consulting: Find the Right Solution for You

Commercial construction projects are stressful with varying components of building design, architectural features, floor plans, an assortment of IT factors, and every detail in between. Putting all those pieces together is a challenge, and when it comes down to finding the proper vendors and IT selections that fit your needs can be even harder. IT factors involve the internet, phone systems, servers, and multiple assets that, if not correctly determined, may cost you money and time.

Evans Consulting Services offers IT consulting by committing ourselves to deliver agile and apt technology solutions. Technology is always evolving and you may not have the proper amount of time to invest in finding the most cost-effective and suitable IT plan for your commercial property. We resolve this issue for you in three simple steps: testing, researching, and consulting. By doing onsite construction pilot testing and programs, we then see what will work best for your customers onsite. Evans Consulting Services then does research for surrounding vendors in the area; we ask all the important questions necessary for your systems to run efficiently, and then compare them all, resulting in the best value and ROI on your behalf. The final analysis will come back to you with your only job being to approve the vendor of your choice and allow the set-up process to begin.

These key factors are how we find the right technology solutions for you:

Up-Front Proposal Design

We work with you at the beginning to create a detailed outline regarding the scope of work, the budget, and the timeline to ensure every participating party is on the same page and eliminates surprises. This format sets the foundation for a smooth project from beginning to end.

RFP Support

Request for Proposal (RFP) processes can be long and daunting. With our expertise, ECS provides a tailored blend of technical industry knowledge and astute readings of your IT commercial needs to build a strong RFP to find the best vendors. Finding the right vendors creates a foundation for a sustainable future for your commercial building.

Vendor Selection Support

Our hands-on approach sets us apart from other IT consultants. Whether you are dealing with a technical team you cannot cope with during construction, you need to streamline your infrastructure, or you need guidance on setting up your infrastructure from scratch, the ECS consultants are here to help. We will support your team in finding efficient and effective vendors for your money and time.

Our team’s foresight and commitment helps our clients build an infrastructure according to their needs and cultivates an IT system that performs ahead of the curve year after year.

Contact our IT consultants at Evans Consulting Services to further discuss your commercial construction project and complete an onsite IT assessment.

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