Executive Guide to the Top 5 Virtual Meeting and Collaboration Tools

A comprehensive white paper comparison of Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting and Google Meet.

The options available for virtual collaboration tools has exploded in recent years. With the COVID-19 pandemic pressing further into our need to collaborate remotely, the pressure on CIO’s and technology leaders to deliver effective and secure virtual collaboration tools has never been greater. Many professionals now report they are in virtual meetings multiple times through the day.

With nearly every major technology player offering a solution and new small niche players entering the market constantly, it is difficult to keep a broad focus on best practices. Further complicating this challenge is that not only do you need to meet the demands of key internal stakeholders, but also facilitate collaboration between business units, partners, customers, and suppliers.

At Evans Consulting Services, we take a holistic approach towards technology. We believe that with effective Security, Integration and Training, your organization will be well positioned to maximize the value of these virtual collaboration tools. This white paper is intended to provide a baseline guide and recommendation for the Top 5 Virtual Meeting and Collaboration tools on the market today.

“Over the years, I have learned that entrepreneurship was a unique challenge. I learned that each member of a small organization is extremely important and must carry their own weight, earn their compensation and produce results. The negative impact of sub-par performance is devastating and cannot be sustained by an emerging business.

“I completely run my business through meetings. When remote work became our new normal, Evans Consulting Services stepped in right away to help our organization understand the pros and cons of each virtual meeting tool and pick the best one for our needs.”

Ali Evans

President of Metamora Growth Partners

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Executive Guide to the Top 5 Meeting and Collaboration Tools