How to Customize Your MSP Services to Your Business

A successful and resilient business needs to be protected against cyber-attacks, and either completely avoid or recover quickly from network failures and other IT issues. Finding the right IT solutions to achieve this is much easier now with a customizable managed service provider. 

The Options When It Comes to IT Solutions 

Most businesses cannot justify having an IT department that is large enough and trained to handle every IT issue efficiently. Therefore, purchasing from a vendor or managed service provider is the most logical decision. You will likely face three options

  • Standardized IT services, such as SaaS applications. These are products that work exactly the same for everyone and are not altered to fit with how your business works. 
  • Custom IT services where an IT professional builds your IT infrastructure, networks, or specific applications from scratch. Everything will be uniquely yours, although this can be expensive. 
  • Tailored IT services where a managed service provider (MSP) provides a set of core services that are optimized for your specific IT infrastructure and cybersecurity needs.

The Types of IT Services that Can Be Customized 

An MSP can customize parts of their service based on your business’s needs and future goals. For example, they can customize: 

IT consulting services 

Customized IT consulting for your business relies on an MSP or IT consultant understanding each stage of an IT product’s life cycle and how it ties in to your business’s goals. This informs their technical plan whenever they provide customized consulting services. 

Helpdesk capabilities 

Customizing your helpdesk can provide a better user interface to your clients while also improving back-end functionality based on your existing processes. 

On-site/remote accessibility 

Based on how your business and employees operate, your IT infrastructure and cybersecurity can be optimized for better accessibility for both on-site and remote work to boost productivity. 

Specific device support 

Partnering with an MSP means they can provide device-specific support based on what hardware or software you use for your operation. 

Security features

Your industry may require specific security features to meet regulations. These can be optimized with the help of a customizable managed service provider. 

Which Industries Benefit the Most? 

Some industries benefit more from customized IT services than others. These industries include healthcare, education, retail, and e-commerce. Healthcare and education in particular require customized services due to the amount of sensitive information they handle. 

Regulations, such as HIPAA in the healthcare industry, control how sensitive information is handled and require an MSP or IT consulting group to analyze each organization’s procedures on a case-by-case basis. 

The Benefits of a Customized Managed IT Service 

Some core benefits of having a customized MSP working for you include: 

  • Peace of mind from 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your IT infrastructure and cybersecurity 
  • Centralizing applications and servers for improved security and accessibility 
  • Having MSP professionals fill roles that your own IT team members are unable to fill
  • Freeing up in-house IT staff so they can focus on growth areas 
  • IT consulting regarding industry compliance 
  • Paying stable monthly fees for a predictable budget 

Compared with licensing SaaS software, partnering with a customizable MSP removes the stress from your existing IT department to ensure you have a comprehensive IT system optimized for how your business functions. 

Experts such as Evans Consulting work with businesses to find the right fit regarding service needs and what IT services are provided so that all aspects of a business’s needs are met. Contact Evans Consulting to learn more about how we can take your business to the next level.

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