The System Your Auto Dealership Didn’t Know You Needed – VoIP System

When Evans Consulting Services was asked to be a consultant for installing phone systems at an auto dealership due to them missing out on crucial data and customer leads calling in, we quickly analyzed it was due to lacking proper structure in their phone system. Add on the excessive amount of phone charges, and they soon realized how much their out-of-date phone system was truly costing them.

As an auto dealership, your building is a revolving door of customers, and no matter how hard you try, it always seems like you miss customers trying to get a hold of you. Any missed interaction is a potentially missed sale. You can’t afford to miss sales when it’s stated that the average auto dealership spends over $1,000 a month on phone charges!

You may be asking “what phone charges”? Many people underestimate the costliness of PoTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines between the phone itself, installation costs, set-up fees, running lines, open lines not being used but still active, and so much more you may not even know about. Prices will only continue to rise as cloud systems and new technology trend upwards rapidly, and missing calls are missing opportunities.

We help auto dealerships by analyzing how VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems can save them money on future operating costs. Combined with our partner, Vicimus’ Odometer application, business efficiency increases and savings of  up to 70% on phone charges. The average auto dealership saw a drop in their phone system bill to under $300 a month. Change is good, and the list of benefits from the ECS and Vicimus’ Odometer combined is even better!

1. Call Monitoring

Data collected from the Vicimus’ Odometer is stored in your personal CRM system to be reviewed by you at a convenient time. Monitored call volume allows you to track key factors any day, week, or month to ensure numbers are being met, as well as analyze selling patterns.

2. Call Recordings

This method is often overlooked, but recordings are stated to be one of the best tools in training. Having VoIP call recordings stored within your CRM system will help in better conversations and conversions at your auto dealership. On top of that, call recordings have the added benefit of retained compliance.

3. Call Tracking

We discussed how monitoring calls help analyze selling patterns and tracking these calls with the VoIP system allows your auto dealership to see which marketing efforts are pulling in the most interest. Based on call activity, you can update and maintain all your customer profiles within your CRM system.

4. Reduce Wait Times

Customers lose interest fast, and long hold times or missing a call may veer the customer to their next auto dealership choice. With your phone system improvement, all calls are automatically distributed to the correct staff member within your company to ensure hold times are not long! Customers connect directly with the correct department due to advanced IVR.

5. Never Miss a Call (Or Potential Sale!)

The “Follow Me” feature with your phone system improvement enables staff members to receive calls on their cellphone while away from their desks. VoIP systems make working remotely easier and more effective.

If by chance a call is missed, employees can retrieve voicemails from customers in their email inbox with the “Voicemail to Email” feature.

You can rest easy knowing your auto dealership is not missing out on any potential sales because no one answered the phone or that particular salesman wasn’t in!

The Bottom Line

Evans Consulting Services will help your company save up to $700 a month compared to outdated analog phones. Update your auto dealership’s phone system to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and your budget!

Contact Evans Consulting today to begin your phone savings!


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