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ITMedics offers a complete range of services to help you stay safe from cybercrime: from network assessments and firewall installation to penetration testing and email security. We also offer employee cybersecurity training programs so that you know your employees are doing their best to keep your business secure. And all of this is backed by our 24/7 support team, who are always ready to help when an emergency strikes.

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Network Assessments

Proactive and detailed IT assessments of your entire IT infrastructure. We provide a comprehensive overview of the capabilities and limitations of your routers, switches, monitors, and security policies. We evaluate device performance ratings, management processes, and much more.
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Firewalls are critical to an organization’s network security, protecting against external attacks and preventing internal threats from reaching the internet. Hiring a professional firewall expert to oversee installation, configuration, and ongoing monitoring is essential for ensuring your system remains protected.
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Penetration Testing

Pen Tests are simulated attacks against your computer systems to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. These tests are conducted under controlled conditions as part of a standard methodology widely accepted as part of the best practice process. We aim to find and fix potential security holes before an outside attacker can exploit them.
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Email Security

Email is a critical communication tool for any business. However, it’s also vulnerable to sophisticated cyber-attacks designed to steal information and cause significant damage to your reputation. Protect your business email accounts and communications by implementing security policies and the latest tools against malicious malware, spam, and phishing attacks.
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Employee Training

Educate your employees about the potential risks of cybersecurity attacks and how best to protect your business. Employee training will help your business to manage the risks involved and ensure you have the right policies in place, saving your company money, time, and resources.

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