Home for the Holidays? Here’s What You Should Know About Seasonal Cyber-Attacks

The winter holidays are approaching and it’s time to stay cozy and stay alert for seasonal cyber-attacks. The not-so-jolly situation is that we are more vulnerable to cyber-threats during holidays and cyber-criminals have displayed some attack trends that you can prepare to defend against.

Why are Cyber-Attacks More Common During Holidays?

There are many reasons why cyber attacks follow seasonal patterns. Criminals exploit the opportunities that they see available as people and businesses prepare for holidays. There is an increase in information exchange- overall data swapping, online shopping is at an all-time high, and people are very busy at holiday time, leaving them at an increased level of vulnerability.

According to the U.S. Government’s recent cyber alert (AA21-243A), “Ransomware Awareness for Holidays and Weekends,” you can take the following steps right now to reduce your vulnerability to the increasing number of cyber-attacks being perpetrated on holidays and weekends:

  • Make a backup copy of your data for offline storage
  • Do not click any suspicious links
  • Secure and monitor your RDP
  • Update your OS and software
  • Use strong passwords
  • Implement multi-factor authentication

Types of Seasonal Cyber-Attacks That Have Been Increasing on Holidays

Cyber-attacks come in such a wide array of forms and guises today, and there is an unprecedented number of people online and engaging in the internet of things and the online corporate arena. Some of the industries most vulnerable to security threats during the busy holiday season include supply chain and logistics, e-commerce and retail, and travel. 

The most common cyber attacks on the holidays exploit the sheer number of people that are online. Phishing scams, identity theft, malware, and ransomware are more common as thieves attempt to access personal and corporate data for financial gain.

Partner With a Managed IT Provider to Boost Cyber Security in Michigan

An experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP) can boost your cybersecurity and lessen the threat of these seasonal cyber-attacks. Evans Consulting is a Managed IT provider that offers custom IT Facilities Management, Systems Integration, Deployments, and Project Management for Michigan businesses and nonprofits.

The US Government recommends that a security review take place for all businesses and all people that use the internet this holiday season. That review should cover hardware, software, and applications. 

It’s also recommended to make preparedness as the priority defense against immediate and ongoing cyber-attacks. In addition, taking note of anomalies in data, usage, and behavior can reduce threats and allow you to create a recovery plan in the event of holiday breaches.

Approach the new year and the next set of cyber challenges with a sense of optimism knowing that as a partner with the best Managed IT Provider services in Michigan, your data and your network are protected against the latest and emerging cyber-attacks.Cybersecurity in Michigan is our number one priority. Contact us today to discuss how our Managed IT Services can increase your sense of security and boost your bottom line this holiday season.

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