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Expert Government IT Consulting
ITMedics provides government entities with expertise in managed IT, cloud services, and cyber security. We are committed to bringing the best resources and expertise to our government clients.

Our partner network consists of a wide range of talent and capabilities, allowing us to provide diverse solutions. Our team of experienced professionals are eager to help organizations improve their performance through the latest technologies and practices.
We understand the importance of security and privacy for government agencies, and strive to protect our clients’ data with the best technology and resources available. Our commitment to excellence and customer service is second to none.

ITMedics is a Minority Owned Small Business with SBA 8(a) certification, and we are proud to serve our government clients with the highest quality of service. We are committed to excellence and creating innovative and flexible solutions for our State and Federal clients.

Government Services Offered

Managed IT

One company that you can rely on for all your IT needs. Let us know your business objectives, and we will help you achieve them through our solutions.


Design, construction, monitoring, and support assistance for networks of various types, including wired, cellular, and wireless connections.

IT Consulting

Up-front proposal design, development, support through Request for Proposal (RFP) processes, and assist through the selection of vendors who can provide a cost-effective answer to your needs. Additionally, we offer general IT consulting services.

Systems Integration

The development, implementation, and supporting of integration projects, whether they are based on infrastructure or application-based.


VoIP Hosted solutions that are both cloud-based and located on-site. Assist in the integration of phones with tools that facilitate collaboration!

Intranet Development

Enhance collaboration effectiveness by creating a rich environment that allows interaction between associates and outside stakeholders. Use workflow automation to streamline processes and add value.

Application Development

We provide requirements definition services, which leads to excellent application design requirements. We will support your development project from its inception to completion.

Digital Design

Digital walls, lobby signs, or logo designs are integrated with our design professionals to be implemented exactly as desired.

Security and Access Control

Through our extensive partner network, we provide physical security solutions, both supply access control and IP video.


We help protect your software against digital threats and implement firewall technology to protect against malicious activities.

Explore Additional Services With An IT Expert

ITMedics provides customers with a devoted Customer Service Specialist who will be your key technical support representative, and serve as a liason to our extensive partner network of experts.

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